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[[category:Central Secretariat]]
[[category:Central Secretariat]]
[[category:Central Departments]]
[[category:Online Services]]
[[category:Online Services]]
[[ur:ای لرننگ]]
[[ur:ای لرننگ]]

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Online Services

Minhaj Internet Bureau


List of Websites by Minhaj Internet Bureau

List of Websites from Abroad Pakistan

List of Social Media Links

To eLearning by Minhaj-ul-Quran International which aims to provide online services to learn Quran and its sciences under the aegis of Minhaj-ul-Quran International. In recent era, it has become very difficult for overseas Muslims to go to Mosques or Islamic Centers and learn the Holy Quran and its sciences due to their busy schedule of life and work. That’s why, in order to facilitate them to understand the Holy Quran & its Sciences, we offer online courses to quench the thirst of learning Quran & its Sciences. We invite those who can't approach to Mosque or Islamic centers and want to enlighten their inner and outer self with the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet (SAW)

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, our present life is a test period to judge who obeys Quran and Sunnah and who does not. It is, therefore, necessary to know the Holy book of Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in order to seek success in life here after which is permanent and forever. To learn and understand Quran and its Sciences we offer the Courses which have particularly been designed under the supervision of Shaykh-ul-Islam Professor Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.


  1. Reading Quran Course
  2. Qirat Quran Course
  3. Irfan-ul-Quran Course
  4. Translation Quran Course
  5. Hadith Course
  6. Sira-tur-Rasul Course
  7. Aqa’aid Course
  8. Fiqh Learning Course
  9. Arabic Language Course
  10. Urdu Language Course